blink-182 - all the small things @ Reading 2014 [x]
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Stifled - The Story So Far
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This album came out a decade ago. Thats absolutely crazy. Besides the fact that i feel incredibly old since I was in 6th grade 10 years ago, this album will always be one of my favorites. 

I remember starting middle school having no ‘real’ friends, spending most weekends with my family going to my little brother’s baseball games and practices at multiple parks in the city. I remember my parents buying this album and playing it in the car everywhere and anywhere we went for weeks and i couldnt get enough. 

American Idiot became one of the first full albums i put on my new ipod (a lime green 4gb mini) My fondest memories of that time were rollerblading at my brother’s practices, totally engrossed in the music, absorbing every lyric, drum beat, riff, and melody. My mom took me to Hot Topic for the first time due to my newfound love of all things Green Day. I made my first band merch purchase there, an army green t shirt with the American Idiot album art on it. I wore it everywhere and felt like a bad ass doing so. Next, I bought a Green Day poster and hung it above my bed. I was constantly googling them, and developed quite the crush on Billie Joe, and was ultimately heartbroken when I discovered he was 30 and married with children. It was a tough blow.

Most importantly though, this album introduced me to a whole new world of music and the people who loved it. My dad burned me cds of Green Day’s entire discography from downloads he got off limewire and continuing in his musician footsteps, I begged him for a guitar. We took a trip to SamAsh and I got a blue electric fender starter kit and matching blue picks. It was the beginning of an era..
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date people you see yourself walking down Main Street of Disneyland with. 

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